coupleHigh Point Tours LLC is a company owned and operated by Todd and Nadine Weber. It was formed in 2003 when they decided to combine Todd’s extensive knowledge of the American West and guiding experience with Nadine’s people skills and fine ability to handle logistics. They are a team in marriage and in business. They enjoy creating and leading unique and  educational tours of the West that include luxury coach transportation, State and National Parks, museums, high quality lodgings, fine dining options and a relaxed but always stimulating itinerary. People who travel with Todd and Nadine come away with new friendships, abundant knowledge of the areas they have traveled and beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Todd Weber:
Todd Weber has lived in Prescott, Arizona for the past 45 years. At a young age he became enthralled with stories of the natives, explorers and fur traders of American history.

Making his first pair of moccasins as a young teenager, he continued building his collection of clothing and accouterments until he had either made or acquired all that was necessary to re-enact the life of a mountain man. Years of reading journals and studying historical accounts of the fascinating characters of America’s past, he became self-taught on the facts and details of this time in history.

Being a natural and talented craftsman, Todd made his livelihood from woodworking, sculpting and blowfirejewelry making. River running and camping became his favorite pastimes. Not only wanting to experience these adventures using modern gear, but also in a primitive style, he enjoyed an occasional mountain man rendezvous or horseback trip, carrying along those items true to a bygone era.

In conjunction with being an artist and jeweler, Todd worked as coordinator and instructor for outdoor educational programs in Arizona for over 25 years. This afforded him the opportunity to share both his love of the outdoors and his knowledge of western history with others. He continues to bring educational presentations to libraries, schools and community organizations around the country.

Over time, he has led numerous house boating trips on Lake Powell and river trips in the Grand Canyon, and has taught countless groups of all ages the history of Lewis and Clark, western mountain men, sea captains and the river explorers of the Grand Canyon.

With his wife Nadine, Todd owns High Point Tours. Together, they write and guide unique and educational tours, emphasizing the natural beauty and fascinating history of each area they travel.

Part of the year, Todd is on the Columbia River or in Alaska as historian on small cruise ships, sharing his appreciation for the stamina, ingenuity and character that existed in those who helped shape the history of the American West. His period clothing and colorful collection add to his presentations, making them visual and memorable.

Nadine Weber:
Nadine Weber was born in Flagstaff, Arizona and has lived in Prescott since she was a child. From the time she was born until coming back to Arizona, her family resided in Santa Fe, N.M. where her interest in Native Americans and art actually began. Her family made numerous friends on the Santo Domingo Pueblo, trading for jewelry and sharing their stories. Her appreciation of fine arts and crafts began early, due to the abundant amount of beautiful Native work and other art surrounding her in the places she lived.

ladyIn high school Nadine worked as the art teacher’s assistant, having taken all the art courses possible. By her junior year she had a darkroom at home and was pursuing photography, taking college night courses in black and white photography, Art History and Art Appreciation. Ceramics and pottery became a medium she very much enjoyed and through that, sculpting became a passion and a profession.

Marrying Todd in 1980, she began assisting him in the business aspect of his art career. Together they designed jewelry and sculptures for galleries and gift shops throughout the southwest.

During those years they had two sons, which they chose to homeschool throughout their elementary and high school years. Nadine and the boys had the opportunity often to join Todd when he began leading outdoor education courses on Lake Powell and in the Grand Canyon. Travel was a large part of their homeschooling life, and they were able to spend educational and family time together in many interesting and beautiful places.

In 1987, a sculpture commission from a seminary gave Nadine the opportunity to work closely with Todd on a project and also opened the doors to ongoing commissions by non-profit organizations for tabletop bronze sculptures presented to donors, outgoing board members and award recipients.

Along with homeschooling her sons, she worked primarily in this field until 2003, when she and Todd decided to form High Point Tours. With a love of the outdoors and a natural gift for making people feel comfortable and valued, she took on the job of Tour Operator for their unique travel company. She now handles all the logistics and public relations to make their tours not only high quality, but also very personable and memorable. She is affectionately known as the Detail Diva! Over the years, she and Todd have formed many lasting friendships with their tour clients and are always happy to share another adventure with them.

Her other joy is visiting with their grandchildren in Colorado and England, where their sons and families now reside.

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