Our oldest son,Seth Weber, has held a pencil or paintbrush since he was two. He lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife and three children. His artistic talents are broad and encompass murals, portraits, landscapes, illustrations and even beer labels. He can work in any medium and produces amazing results.

Our younger son, Caelen Weber, has an outstanding creative eye for beautiful photography. Living in England with his lovely wife and two sweet daughters, he stays busy shooting weddings and portraits, but also loves doing landscapes, commercial work and anything that challenges him to work with unique lighting.

Our daughter-in-law, Rachel Weber is an incredibly talented artist, producing portraits and still life paintings that are in the style of the old masters. Mostly using oils she mixes herself, she exudes creativity in each piece she creates.

Our son Caelen manages a wonderful coffee shop in York, England called Gatehouse Coffee that is located in a guardhouse in the ancient wall surrounding the city. It is an outreach through the Calvary Chapel in York. They serve great coffee, have friendly staff, and provide a lovely place to relax in very historically rich surroundings.

If you want the very best of trainers in Digital Photography, Adobe Illustrator and ACTEAZ, you can find no one better than Rick Burress. He is a wonder at teaching just what you need to know and helps you to produce beautiful results. He runs amazing workshops and teaches at Scottsdale Community College. He also happens to be our brother-in-law, married to Todd’s sister.

Tom White is not only a very talented and well known artist, but is one of the nicest persons we’ve ever known. He and his wonderful wife are dear friends of ours. His work is throughout the country and various parts of the world. His heart is in every sculpture he does and it shows.

For your website needs, the experts at Iron Springs Design will create what you are looking to achieve and will do all they can to reach your client base. Tim has been a great pleasure to work with and does his very best to get you the results you want. His team knows their stuff!!

Todd has worked for American Cruise Lines for six years now. The company provides small ship cruising on both the east and west coast, from Alaska to New England. There is something for everyone! Todd does only the Columbia and Snake River Cruises and the Alaska Cruises. It is a unique and fun-filled experience and we always enjoy getting to know all the passengers.

For a step into the past on a beautiful vessel, this small ship cruise company , Un-Cruise, does a fantastic job on the SS Legacy. Todd has been a featured presenter for them in the past. Their staff is outstanding and it is a lot of fun to be onboard. Their other trips go to amazing places and are more adventure bound!

For excellent land tours in Arizona, Utah and Nevada, you cannot beat this company, DETOURS ARIZONA. They have great vehicles, knowledgeable staff and can get you to some of the most beautiful spots in the SW!

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Lewis and Clark's Journey to the Pacific

DVD by Todd Weber. $25 Includes Shipping and Handling

Todd Weber is a dynamic and engaging presenter. Join him as he shares the trials and successes of the Corp of Discovery as they travel through uncharted lands on their JOURNEY TO THE PACIFIC. Todd has made and collected replicas of many of the tools, arms and accoutrements that the expedition carried. Here he shares them with you as he explains the importance of the items and how they were used by the members of the expedition. Fascinating stories and facts mingled with outdoor demonstrations and beautiful images make for an educational and entertaining film. 4 Chapters 2 Hours 15 Minutes